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August Update | 101 in 1001

I am attempting to do the 101 things in 1001 days goal list again since I wasn’t successful keeping track of the first one, so I decided to start over from scratch (again). I should probably come up with a better way to remind myself to check my list on the first of every month so I can decide which goals on that list I wanna work on. I’ll be doing monthly updates on goals that I’ve accomplished thus far and if I don’t do a monthly post, that means I most likely didn’t accomplish shit and that’s okay, so no need for me to sweat over it. I’m terrible at this blogging stuff but I’m trying to do better yall, which is ironic I’m terrible because I currently manage a wedding blog/magazine that I started lol. If you wanna see the entire list, go here


Personal Development

Develop a personal website (February 2017)
I decided to upgrade how I present everything that I do and what better way to do it than to showcase everything on a personal website. Plus, I can only fit so much information
Develop a personal website (February 2017)an one-page resume with everything I’ve done these past few years and what I’m currently doing now. It’s easier on a website to create a comprehensive resume page that lists everything and then have potential employers and recruiters download/view a condensed version for their convenience. It has always been in the back of my mind that I needed to start working on my personal brand, but this article that I read from The Every Girl (@theeverygirl_) is what got everything running in motion.

Get a branded email address (July 2017)
I’m all about spending the money towards a branded email address ( that includes your domain name. It adds a sense of professionalism to your brand. Squarespace is integrated with GSuite now, so you can easily get an email setup on the backend of your website. You can pay $50/year or pay $5/month that they charge automatically at the first of the month. 

Launch 4 creative projects
Moxie Brides Magazine (February 2017)
I had a feeling that getting back in the publishing world was gonna happen eventually, but I never thought I would be interested in starting my own publication. I’ve done yearbook, worked for another publication for 3 years while I attended UNT and was missing it terribly. I love weddings ( the main reason why I am pursuing a career as a wedding planner in the first place) and finally figured out which niche I wanted to specialize in. The only issue is, my ideal niche really isn’t showcased in the mainstream wedding industry, so I thought might as well do something about it. Like I always say, I don’t wait on others to showcase representation and inclusion in any industry that I'm interested in working in. I’m grateful for the support I’ve received thus far and I’m looking forward to what paths I end up crossing while growing this indie publication.

Moxie Brides (2).PNG


El Centro College
- Wholesale & Manufacturing Sales Representative (August 2017)
- Visual Merchandising Assistant (July 2017)

In order for me to be 100% completed with my degree plan by the end of the year, I needed to take summer classes. I needed to complete Color Theory for my Visual Merchandising Assistant Certificate and Psychology is applied to the other certification along with my AAS.

mint + blush artistry

Setup Wave accounting (June 2017)
Since I’ve taken a slight break from doing makeup, I thought I would use my spare time to work on admin action items for mint + blush artistry before I decide to re-launch my website. I’ve been searching for a new invoicing system since I’ve heard countless stories that PayPal for Business is not small business friendly and when disputes take place, they usually side with the customer instead of the small business owner. I don’t have time to deal with the risk having earned income taken away because people are trying to get over and trust me, it has happened numerous of times to freelancers and small business owners. I did some research after a Rising Tide Society member recommended Wave. It’s free accounting software and it’s very basic for somebody who is a solopreneur like me. The main reason I liked PayPal is that the ‘partial payment’ feature they had for invoices was perfect for collecting retainers on one invoice instead of sending 2 separate ones. Wave has the same feature where you can request a client to pay a retainer fee and on the backend, Wave will mark the invoice status as ‘partially paid.’ Wave also has accounting features included so that life is easier when it’s time to prepare taxes. Plus, you have the option to choose different invoice templates along with customizing your invoice to reflect your brand colors. 

Lifestyle & Local Adventures

Ascension Coffee (August 2017)
Yall know I love my coffee shops and I legit have a list of all the coffee shops I want to visit on my list. Any coffee shop that serves wine is the place that I need to be at. Ascension Coffee opened a few months ago at Thanksgiving Tower in Downtown Dallas so I was like it’s walking distance from school and I need to go visit. I had a coffee tres leches cake and chai with an espresso shot. It was SOOO delicious. I ended up going back again a week before school started to have an afternoon work session and their chicken caesar salad is the BOMB too. I definitely have plans to go back again in the near future, but this time I’ll have a work session there with a glass of wine (or 2).

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Moxie Brides Magazine

Purchase domain (February 2017)
Make sure to check out the website and let me know what you think!

Launch website (June 2017)
I appreciate ALL the wedding industry pros who contributed teaser content for me to feature throughout the summer before we really get things poppin’ and start showcasing FW17-18 content. I would have launched the website sooner, but with me taking 15 hours, being on the DSW17 Committee as their Social Media Manager and Content Curator and having to prep for a fashion show, I knew I had to put it off and wait until I was out of school before I could dedicate more of my time working on the website.

Create editorial calendar (May 2017)
This is the backbone on helping me manage Moxie Brides. I have an editorial calendar on Asana for my editorial team to access in conjunction with using Asana as a workflow/project management system that helps me keep track of action items for submissions that I receive along with content that I'm planning to do with other vendors. I created the calendar using this template that I found on Pinterest. It’s an comprehensive editorial calendar so it has ALL social media platforms, blog, and e-newsletter all on one sheet so I can see everything at once. I can plan out posts, write social media copy in advance using the comments feature, curate newsletter content, etc. Bonus points that the template is a Google Sheets spreadsheet so when I get to a point where I need to hire a social media manager, we'll be able to collaborate on the calendar at the same time thus increasing productivity. My editorial team can also view/collaborate/make notes on the calendar all at the same time. Anybody that knows me know that Google Apps are my everything and I use it for EVERYTHING. 

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Register name as a DBA (August 2017)
Before I went for my lunch date with my friend at Americano before school started, I reminded myself that I really needed to go register Moxie Brides as a DBA so that I can open up a bank account and keep all the expenses I use to manage the magazine separate. I’ve been paying for everything thus far with my personal bank account. I went to the Dallas County Records office, submitted my form, paid my $26 and now Moxie Brides is officially a registered business!

If you're wanting to do your own 101 in 1001 list, send it my way cause I would love to include it on my page. I've featured some in the past and would like to do it again! You can send a link and I'll hyperlink it onto my 101 in 1001 page.