Shawnee Leonard


August Update | 101 in 1001

I am attempting to do the 101 things in 1001 days goal list again since I wasn’t successful keeping track of the first one, so I decided to start over from scratch (again). I should probably come up with a better way to remind myself to check my list on the first of every month so I can decide which goals on that list I wanna work on. I’ll be doing monthly updates on goals that I’ve accomplished thus far and if I don’t do a monthly post, that means I most likely didn’t accomplish shit and that’s okay, so no need for me to sweat over it...

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Moxie Brides Magazine

I've always noticed with the mainstream wedding industry, they showcase a specific type of wedding aesthetic. I rarely see brides of colors featured (with the exception of Munaluchi Bride), brides who step out of the norm & away from traditional wedding customs, etc., being featured anywhere. I'm drawn to alternative, non traditional, offbeat weddings...

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If you know me, you know I'm a HUGE Dallas Startup Week supporter. I found out about this 5 day event through Twitter back in 2015, ended up attending since I've always been interested in entrepreneurship. I don't remember exactly how I found out about DSW, but I'm pretty sure it's from me following @thedectx on Twitter before I became a DEC Ambassador...

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